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Country: Canada

Montreal Bach Festival 2019

Learn to pronounce names and words related to this music festival.

Are you a music lover? Do you get pleasure from listening to classical music?

This year a new edition of the Montreal Bach Festival will be held from November 3 to December 7, and we wanted to offer a guide so that our readers become acquainted with music terminology as well as the most famous composers.

Not sure how to pronounce Johann Pachelbel or Ludwig van Beethoven? Don't worry, with our guide you won't be at a loss anymore to pronounce those confusing names and words.



Learn to pronounce the names of the best composers of classical music, whose pieces are performed in this Montreal Bach Festival.

Music terminology

Learn to pronounce some of the words related to music.

  • accelerando pronunciation
    accelerando [it]
  • adagio pronunciation
    adagio [it]
  • air pronunciation
    air [en]
  • allegro pronunciation
    allegro [it]
  • alto pronunciation
    alto [en]
  • andante pronunciation
    andante [it]
  • aria pronunciation
    aria [en]
  • atonal pronunciation
    atonal [en]
  • ballad pronunciation
    ballad [en]
  • bar pronunciation
    bar [en]
  • barcarolle pronunciation
    barcarolle [fr]
  • baroque pronunciation
    baroque [en]
  • basse pronunciation
    basse [fr]
  • Batterie pronunciation
    Batterie [fr]
  • berceuse pronunciation
    berceuse [fr]
  • bolero pronunciation
    bolero [es]
  • cadence pronunciation
    cadence [en]
  • cantata pronunciation
    cantata [en]
  • Chaconne pronunciation
    Chaconne [fr]
  • choral pronunciation
    choral [en]
  • chord pronunciation
    chord [en]
  • chromatic pronunciation
    chromatic [en]
  • concerto pronunciation
    concerto [en]
  • contrebasse pronunciation
    contrebasse [fr]
  • crescendo pronunciation
    crescendo [it]
  • da capo pronunciation
    da capo [it]
  • diminuendo pronunciation
    diminuendo [it]
  • drums pronunciation
    drums [en]
  • dynamics pronunciation
    dynamics [en]
  • elegy pronunciation
    elegy [en]
  • ensemble pronunciation
    ensemble [en]
  • espressivo pronunciation
    espressivo [it]
  • étude pronunciation
    étude [fr]
  • fagotto pronunciation
    fagotto [it]
  • flat pronunciation
    flat [en]
  • flute pronunciation
    flute [en]
  • forte pronunciation
    forte [it]
  • fugue pronunciation
    fugue [en]
  • giocoso pronunciation
    giocoso [it]
  • glissando pronunciation
    glissando [it]
  • harmony pronunciation
    harmony [en]
  • harp pronunciation
    harp [en]
  • harpsichord pronunciation
    harpsichord [en]
  • humoresque pronunciation
    humoresque [fr]
  • hymn pronunciation
    hymn [en]
  • impressionism pronunciation
    impressionism [en]
  • intonation pronunciation
    intonation [en]
  • jig pronunciation
    jig [en]
  • key pronunciation
    key [en]
  • keyboard pronunciation
    keyboard [en]
  • largo pronunciation
    largo [it]
  • legato pronunciation
    legato [it]
  • leggiero pronunciation
    leggiero [it]
  • legno pronunciation
    legno [it]
  • leitmotif pronunciation
    leitmotif [en]
  • lento pronunciation
    lento [it]
  • libretto pronunciation
    libretto [it]
  • Lieder pronunciation
    Lieder [de]
  • madrigal pronunciation
    madrigal [es]
  • major pronunciation
    major [en]
  • mass pronunciation
    mass [en]
  • mazurka pronunciation
    mazurka [pl]
  • mezzo pronunciation
    mezzo [it]
  • mezzo-soprano pronunciation
    mezzo-soprano [it]
  • minor pronunciation
    minor [en]
  • minuet pronunciation
    minuet [en]
  • natural pronunciation
    natural [en]
  • neoclassical pronunciation
    neoclassical [en]
  • nocturne pronunciation
    nocturne [fr]
  • obbligato pronunciation
    obbligato [it]
  • oboe pronunciation
    oboe [en]
  • octave pronunciation
    octave [en]
  • octet pronunciation
    octet [en]
  • opus pronunciation
    opus [la]
  • oratorio pronunciation
    oratorio [it]
  • organ pronunciation
    organ [en]
  • ostinato pronunciation
    ostinato [it]
  • overture pronunciation
    overture [en]
  • partita pronunciation
    partita [it]
  • passacaglia pronunciation
    passacaglia [it]
  • pentatonic pronunciation
    pentatonic [en]
  • percussion pronunciation
    percussion [en]
  • piano pronunciation
    piano [en]
  • pianoforte pronunciation
    pianoforte [it]
  • pitch pronunciation
    pitch [en]
  • pizzicato pronunciation
    pizzicato [it]
  • prélude pronunciation
    prélude [fr]
  • presto pronunciation
    presto [it]
  • quartet pronunciation
    quartet [en]
  • rallentando pronunciation
    rallentando [it]
  • recitative pronunciation
    recitative [en]
  • Requiem pronunciation
    Requiem [en]
  • ritardando pronunciation
    ritardando [it]
  • rococo pronunciation
    rococo [en]
  • rondo pronunciation
    rondo [en]
  • scale pronunciation
    scale [en]
  • scherzo pronunciation
    scherzo [it]
  • sonata pronunciation
    sonata [en]
  • soprano pronunciation
    soprano [en]
  • symphony pronunciation
    symphony [en]
  • tempo pronunciation
    tempo [it]
  • theorbo pronunciation
    theorbo [en]
  • toccata pronunciation
    toccata [en]
  • tremolo pronunciation
    tremolo [en]
  • trill pronunciation
    trill [en]
  • unison pronunciation
    unison [en]
  • vibrato pronunciation
    vibrato [pt]
  • viola pronunciation
    viola [pt]
  • violin pronunciation
    violin [en]
  • violoncello pronunciation
    violoncello [de]
  • vivace pronunciation
    vivace [it]
  • Waltz pronunciation
    Waltz [en]